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The main activity of ESMug is to take care of Erasmus incoming students through the Tutor Program from the beginning of their studies at the MUG. ESMug is a non-profit student organization, which was created to support the development of international student exchange especially within the framework of Erasmus program. Erasmus incoming students should contact ESMug in the case of problems with accomodation, who/where/what/when and all questions concerning non-study problems (not related to subjects and learning agreement, etc.). ESMug aims to integrate students from abroad by creating an opportunity to meet and spend time together. Providing help and care to students during their first days in Gdańsk is one of its most important tasks. Due to the fact that ESMug and USS share an office, you can obtain ESN contact information in the USS office. CONTACT ul. Dębowa 7, room 6 (Student Club Medyk), GDAŃSK Tel./fax: +48 58 349 13 03 E-mail:


The University Student Government (USS) speaks for students both inside and outside the University. It participates in making important decisions for the University. It evaluates the authorities’ provisions in all important matters for students. It undertakes initiatives to improve the quality of teaching. The USS supports organizations within the University. It co-organizes Neptunalia, a student festival held in Gdańsk in May. It facilitates the implementation of ideas beneficial both for the students and inhabitants of Pomorskie province. CONTACT ul. Dębowa 7, room 6 (Student Club Medyk), GDAŃSK Tel./fax: +48 58 349 13 03, Tel. +48 58 349 13 04 E-mail:


The MUG Student Scientific Society (STN MUG) is an organization with over 50 years of history, associating students and coordinating their activities within the Student Scientific Clubs at our University. The society organizes the annual International Scientific Student Conference and the Student Teaching Presentation Competition “eSKaPaDa” series. STN MUG is also involved in spreading information about scientific events around the country and abroad and about possibilities of financing student scientific research. CONTACT ul. Dębowa 7, room 7 (Student Club Medyk), GDAŃSK Tel. +48 58 349 13 05 E-mail:


The University Sports Association coordinates and organizes sports activities in the form of sports sections and extracurricular sport groups. These sections are professional in character, with training taking place a few times a week under a coach’s supervision. The members of the section take active part in competitions both locally and on a national scale. The extracurricular activities are purely recreational. The University Sports Association also organizes intercollegiate competitions. For a few years it has been responsible for the sports part of “Medykalia” – the Students’ Culture Days.


As a student organization, Young Pharmacy has been operating at the Faculty of Pharmacy MUGs since 2001 and it is a student section of the Polish Pharmaceutical Society. It cooperates with the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF) and the European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (EPSA). The associated students are members of EPSA Working Committees which deal with different aspects of pharmacist activities. In cooperation with IPSF Young Pharmacy takes part in the Student Exchange Programme. This programme gives students the opportunity to pursue traineeship in pharmacies or industry in countries all over the world; (countries from Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Oceania take part in the programme). CONTACT al. Gen. J. Hallera 107, room 18, GDAŃSK E-mail:


PhiDE was established in 1904 by 9 medical students at Cornell University Medical College in New York, USA. Today it counts over 27 000 members all over the world in the USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Carribean, Mexico and Poland. PhiDE is committed to supporting a new generation of health care professionals and addressing the complex agendas of contemporary men and women seeking careers in medicine. To accomplish these objectives, PhiDE has mobilized its most important resources – the membership – to develop and implement the medical student program. PhiDE strives to integrate medical student members with premedical students, practising physicians, and emeritus members – a network of more than 35 000 members from whom medical student members can gain first-hand information about the medical profession. In Gdańsk PhiDE’s main goals and mission include: • Integrating English Division and Faculty of Medicine (aka “Polish Division”) students • Working together to gain the most of our time and education here in Gdańsk • Active volunteering in the Tricity • Mentoring & tutoring our fellow MUG students Their motto is: Facta Non Verba (Deeds Not Words). CONTACT E-mail:


The International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) is the world’s largest and oldest organization associating students of medicine and young doctors. Every year about 30 students of the Medical University of Gdańsk take the opportunity to go abroad for a clerkship. The department in Gdańsk is one of the most dynamically developing IFMSA centres in Poland. It has about 170 active members and organizes annually about 30 events, addressed to a wide spectrum of the inhabitants of the Pomorskie province. CONTACT ul. Dębowa 7, room 2 (Student Club Medyk), GDAŃSK E-mail:


MSF – Gdańsk is working to promote the career interests of Swedish MUG students and graduates. In other words, helping to integrate with the Swedish medical job market, finding internships and residencies. CONTACT E-mail:


ANSA is a non-profit and independent organisation voicing the interests of Norwegian students who study abroad. Currently more than 23 000 Norwegian students are studying abroad in over 90 countries. ANSA aim is to maintain and promote the educational, cultural, political and economic interests of Norwegian students abroad. ANSA has over 600 volunteers who are students abroad. The volunteers arrange various events and represent ANSA where they study. Members and volunteers can apply for funds from ANSA to help organise various social and cultural events while studying abroad. If a student encounters problems during their studies abroad for example with their university, their insurance, Lånekassen etc. they can turn to ANSA’s Student Adviser for help and advice. Student adviser’s main responsibility is to help students through various difficult situations. CONTACT ANSA, Storgata 19, 0184 Oslo, Norway Tel.: +47 22 47 76 00 E-mail: AFTER HOURS Both students and university staff are entitled to enjoy the school’s cultural and recreational offer. Alongside the MUG Choir, the Student Club “Medyk” and the activities offered by the Department of Sports and Physical Education, the University supports various events organized by the University Students Government and student organizations operating at the MUG.


Resource Team is a mentor group at GUMed run by older students to aid others in their preclinical studies, admin tasks, and easing transitioning into university life here at Gdansk. We offer one-on-one peer support to younger years through our mentorship program and share personal experiences especially for first year students as they commence their medical studies which can otherwise seem daunting. For this year we have in store lots of exciting events, academic and otherwise. We have introduced the concept of interactive weekly quizzes and case studies on our Instagram stories. We’re also continuing the previously successful tradition of holding mock exams, this time on the university’s moodle (szkolenia) platform, in Anatomy, Histology and Pathomorphology. Moreover, in plans are multiple sport and cultural events integrating the polish division and celebrating the diversity amongst us international students. We work closely with other organizations of GUMed like IRO and Welcome Point.

That being said, please don’t hesitate to contact us for anything from academic questions to restaurant/cafe recommendations or even if you’re just looking for a friend to grab a coffee with! We are happy to be of help 😊


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