Every student of the MUG or a student who comes to study at the MUG under the lifelong learning programme (or bilateral agreements signed by the mug) can live in one of the mug dormitories.

The dormitories are situated on campus, very close to the didactic buildings. The campus consists of four dormitories with space for 1000 students. It is the location of the Student Government. There is also a canteen nearby which offers meals at student-friendly prices and the ‘Medyk’ student club. All the dormitories have an internet connection.

Student Campus

Department of Social Assistance and Scholarships

Head: Beata Trzebniak

Dębowa 13
80-204 Gdańsk

+48 (58) 349 13 50

+48 (58) 349 13 50

Prices may vary depending on new regulations that may be imposed each academic year.

For these students who decide not to stay in dormitory and would like to rent an apartment or a room in the city there is